About Us

Printer Recharge Service started remanufacturing toner cartridges and refilling inkjet cartridges in January of 1997. Since then there have been many changes in the number of printer models available and their features. As a result of increased technology and aggressive competition the cartridges have become a lot more sophisticated, and we have followed these changes keeping up with technology, finding and developing solutions to save you money.

Why Us

Having a strong understanding of cartridge technology Printer Recharge Service is able to test and select from a wide variety of non genuine cartridges available today. We understand toner and ink and know what to look for in a good cartridge. All toners and inks are not the same and if you are buying the cheapest cartridge you are probably getting a cheap toner or ink that will probably cost you more on a "per page" basis. (Cost divided by the number of pages printed [$39 Divided by 2,600 pages = 1.5 cents per page])

What happens when you need help? If you have a printing problem or a question on printing or printers we are only a phone call or email away and are only too happy offer free advice and guidance.

We can help guide you through the maze and avoid some of the pitfalls. Unfortunately there is no one easy or cheap solution - no trade secret where you can print for next to nothing or a cartridge that lasts forever. All you can do is buy the right printer and use the cartridges that best suit your needs, whether that be occasional printing at home, volume printing or document printing that can't be avoided and ends up in the bin or filing cabinet.

Did you know:

  • Epson have a cheap inkjet printer that only one retailer has the cartridges for, so you can't buy genuine cartridges anywhere else. Fortunately non genuine cartridges are available now.
  • Printer manufacturers can update the firmware (programming) in your printer over the internet and lock out non genuine cartridges - If your computer is connected to the internet then your printer is too. There is a way to lock them out!
  • Some printers can take cartridges with more ink in them than what comes with the printer. Which cartridges are you using - Standard or High Capacity?

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