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Printer Repairs

Printer Repairs

Printer Recharge Service provide a wide range of Printer Repair services. With over 10 years experience in the Printer Repairs field, we have the expertise to assist you with all your printer repair requirements.


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New Releases

New releases

Printer & Laser Cartridge Jargon Made Easy

OEM - These are the cartridges made by the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Remanufactured - A used cartridge that has been stripped down, cleaned, critical components replaced and then filled with new toner. This is recycling, requiring less resources than a cartridge made from all new materials like the OEM and generic versions. The hard part is knowing what has actually been done to the cartridge sold to as remanufactured; this is where trust comes in.

Generic - A cartridge made from all new materials but not by the OEM. Some are well made with good quality mouldings and components, others look like a toner cartridge but have had too many short cuts taken and cost cuttings made for the finished product to be considered value.

Refilled - Typically, this is a toner cartridge that has only had toner added. These are usually very cheap or at least they should be. This makes for a very unreliable product, as toner cartridges are quite complex in their operation. Some of the components must at least be cleaned and many must be replaced for the system to function properly as many of the OEM parts will not last 2 cycles. Failure to empty the waste bin will lead to mid cycle failure where toner leaks into the printer - not such cheap an option any more! Be wary of toner refill kits - it’s not like filling the car with petrol.

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